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Seeking: Aromatherapy Mixologists

Seeking: Aromatherapy Mixologists for private events

No aromatherapy experience is required. Think of it as a bartender for essential oils. I will train you on everything you need to know about handcrafting lovely scents using our signature recipes. We are looking for passionate, responsible people with a nose for all things natural, beautiful, and blissful. You will be responsible for bringing pre-packed supplies to an event, setting up, guiding guests through the menu, explaining what the oils do, then handcrafting essential oil bottles, and packing up. It’s a lovely immersive experience meant to draw the guests in and then let them take their magical bottle home to enjoy. Each event is typically 2-3 hours (a total of a 4-5 hour commitment including setup/takedown and drive time).

Los Angeles, CA Area

If you’re interested in joining our team, please tell us about yourself and we’ll be in touch.

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